Sagely helps you land the premier Big Law job you want at the right firm for your career.

Law students face a dilemma. In today’s ultra-competitive legal climate, where you spend your 2L summer is more important than ever in deciding your career. And yet, Big Law firms are notoriously secretive and hard to differentiate. Big Law recruiting is very selective and the interview process is confusing. Firms throw around buzzwords- “culture”, “diversity”, “work-life balance”- without giving the prospective associate any real insight. That’s where Sagely comes in.


Lots of offers. Resume and cover letter review, interview prep with real lawyers from the firms you are targeting and a custom bid strategy. Sagely helps you get maximum job offers at the top Big Law firms you want.

Personalized Firm Matching. Sagely's detailed and individualized Firm Profiles and Fringe Benefit Analyses help you select the firm that is best for you: your priorities, your personality and your professional development.

Resumes Reviewed
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Get an Edge in Big Law Recruiting

Cover Letter and Resume Review
Sagely crafts your resume for maximum impact at your target firms and drafts personalized cover letters that stand out from the crowd.
Live Interview Prep
Speak to a Sage who actually went through the recruiting process and landed a job at your target firms. Sagely provides behind the scenes insight and tips so you can make a lasting impression in your interview.
Firm Match Profiles
Individualized, detailed and tailored to your preferences, Sagely’s Firm Match Profiles decode Big Law to help you land a job that is the perfect fit. You will actually be able to decipher what firm is best for your career goals.
Bid Strategies
Sagely develops a strategy to get you the maximum interviews both inside and outside your law school’s big process.
Custom Thank You Notes
No more struggling to write generic emails that get you nowhere. Sagely helps you write thank you notes that actually help you get an offer.
Fringe Benefits Analysis
Learn about the benefits and perks that will be important to your day to day life at a firm. From office set up to gym memberships to loan repayment, we have extensive info you can’t find anywhere else.


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